St clares scholarship program-How to Apply and Deadline

St clares  scholarship program begun in 1965. Their main aim is to offer excellence in girls Education. They provide broad  opportunities for girls who have shown excellence In academic studies despite being in a financially difficult background.

They offer financial support to students to encourage their strength and endeavors towards their academic studies, leadership skills and other development opportunities.

This scholarships are awarded with the accreditation of the principal. And the scholarship is open for prospective students. The documents required from their prospectus must be welcomed by the school by 31 march for senior students and 6 may for junior students.

Feel free to do the school management a mail to mailto:the.principal@stcc.act.edu.au

Purpose of at Clare’s college

St Clare’s college is an all girl’s catholic school, located at the small town of Hickory, NC. They also support with spiritual education and values. This helps encourage the girl’s to live a life of Good morals so others can learn from them.

Girls are to be seen and not heard, that is also one of st clares college’s goals. Encouraging girls to carry themselves with pride and giving them reasons why the girl child should be well educated.

Who can Apply for st clares scholarship program


This program is open to anyone who has the intentions of supporting young women who may not have been financially buoyant enough to afford a catholic education.

St clares scholarships are merit based and their financial are often attended to if you are among the lucky selected ones.
The scholarship is open to anyone in the Uk and across.

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How to Apply for st Clare’s college scholarships


Send a mail to mailto:the.principal@stcc.act.edu.au And enquirer if the scholarship is up and running.
When you’ve confirmed, head straight to their website and get the full details of the scholarship, fill in your application form and submit. Then wait for approval.

What you must know before Enrollment


You must have a good academic results and good leadership skills as well.

You must be proactive during events and activities in the school

Your must give approval of your child joining the institution at 11 or 12

You must be ready to uphold and help with the development of the school’s value.

Be well behaved and support the college’s rules regarding positive behavior


Scholarship Application Deadline


Note that: no institution accepts applications after deadline. That’s why it’s advisable that one applies as early as you can to avoid late Application.

Furthermore, the deadline of the Scholarship is between April and May of each year.

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